Why BPO Careers Are On The Rise In Philippines?

While the 19th century belonged to industrialization, the 21st century belongs to technological advancement. Many businesses set up factories throughout the previous century and made billions of dollars in revenue. Nobody at that time had expected that technology would be the driving force in the future.

Now, with technology spreading its wings across different business verticals, a new type of industry has emerged — business outsourcing. Take the example of Peak Outsourcing in Manila, a well-known outsourcing firm that helps businesses from all over the world in carrying out their backend operations related to customer service, business analytics, digital solutions, healthcare solutions, and much more. These businesses are from the US, Europe, and APAC region, and have benefitted tremendously by outsourcing their processes to the Philippines. It’s one of the many examples showcasing the constant growth of BPO in the country.

The BPO industry in the Philippines generates billions of dollars every year. It creates new career opportunities regularly for youngsters who are skilled and ready to change their lives for good. Here is why it’s happening in the Philippines.

BPO Careers In Philippines:

The first and the most important reason why thousands of new BPO career opportunities pop up in the Philippines every year is the low-cost workforce. People expect to be paid a lot higher in the US and other leading countries, whereas employees in the Philippines are happy with a decent salary. Since the dollar is valued higher than the Philippine peso, it creates a win-win arrangement for both parties.

Another reason behind rising BPO careers in the Philippines is the technological revolution. In the last five years or so, the network coverage and data speed in the Philippines have improved a lot. Besides, the education system here is designed in such a way that people start learning global languages like English, French, German, etc. from a young age. So, by the time they graduate from college, they are ready to talk to international clients.

When clubbed together, all of these factors prove that the rising number of BPO careers in the Philippines isn’t an overnight success story, but a dream that took years to materialize.

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