Where Can I Find A Title Ix Defense Attorney In Dallas, Texas?

If you’re considering submitting a Title IX complaint, one of the first things you should do is find suitable legal representation. Your attorney may be the first person (other than you) who works on your side, especially if you are at a college or institution that has been unsupportive or overtly unfriendly. While getting legal counsel might be unpleasant and irritating, it is the first step toward pursuing justice. Additionally, attorneys may be a valuable support system and assist you with your university or civil matter. 

Request Advice From Your Supporters:

First and foremost, be aware that any chat you have with an advocate may not be legally privileged. Request a referral to an attorney with whom you may discuss your situation in depth. If you happen to be in a school with a reputable women’s center or group dedicated to interpersonal violence prevention and victim assistance, ask them if they have any legal help recommendations.

Look For Law Firms Or Attorneys That Conduct Pro Bono Work:

If possible, avoid attorneys that charge an hourly cost and instead seek ones who would work pro gratis or on a contingency basis. If you’re suing for damages, a contingency fee implies your lawyer will receive a part of the money you win. Many attorneys are prepared to take on cases pro gratis due to the increased national exposure that Title IX issues are receiving.

Prepare To Attend Attorney Meetings:

you may request specific legal paperwork during your initial meeting with your attorney and even during a preliminary phone conversation. For preparing for meetings with attorneys, it is advised that you write out your personal experiences and develop a chronology with supporting documentation. It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t reveal any information until you’ve chosen an attorney to defend you.

You are deserving of justice. Finding a skilled attorney like Mark T. Lassiter is complex in and of itself, and the process may be emotionally taxing and distressing. You’ll find yourself telling the same narrative to several individuals. Always remember to look for yourself.

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