What To Do If You Have Been Injured Due To The Negligence Of A Real Estate Agent

It’s always a great time when you put your house on the market for sale. During a showing or open house, every new visitor may have an opportunity to sell a property and start a new life somewhere else. Accidents happen, and if you were a potential home buyer who was injured while being shown a house, you should know who could be liable for your injuries.

Real Estate Agent Or Broker:

Suppose anyone created a hazard while the real estate agent was preparing the house for a showing (such as adding extra furniture, cleaning the floor and leaving it moist, or lighting a candle that caused a victim to burn). In that case, the real estate agent will be held accountable for the injuries.

The Property’s Owner Is:

In exceptional circumstances, if a risk or hazard existed on the homeowner’s property and the homeowner failed to remove it or warn the real estate agent or potential purchasers of the danger, the homeowner will be held responsible for any damages or injuries sustained by the victim. The victim may be able to submit a claim against the homeowner’s insurance coverage in the following situations.


According to the law, each potential buyer who enters a home through a viewing or open house is deemed an invitee. This means that, depending on the conditions, the homeowner, real estate agent, or both have a duty to the invitee to ensure that the premises are safe for any visitors.

Liability Avoidance Techniques:

If you’re a homeowner or a real estate agent displaying a house, make sure any potential threats or hazards are removed. Making sure all stairways and corridors are illuminated, securing all rugs so that guests do not trip over them, and clearing other things off popular paths are all examples of methods to ensure a home is safe.

If you were injured during a real estate showing or an open house, you have the right to seek compensation from either the homeowner or the real estate agent. Who will be held liable will be determined by your case’s specific facts and circumstances. Make an appointment with an expert personal injury lawyer, Ronald J. Resmini here.

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