Thyroid Issues and Hair Loss

Nov 02, 19 Thyroid Issues and Hair Loss

Many of us know that a big cause of hair loss is an underlying disease. Thyroid conditions are one of the leading factors contributing to hair loss. Many of us have heard about the various thyroid conditions out there, but very few of us actually know about these conditions in more specific details.

We worked with Scalp and Brows NJ to research more about thyroid conditions and the connection to hair loss. If you’re curious about what I found out, keep reading!

Behind the Science: Why these Conditions Cause Hair Loss

First, a little introduction to the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland maintains the metabolism by controlling how oxygen is used by tissues and how proteins are created. When the thyroid is acting abnormally, whether through hypo- or hyperthyroidism, that imbalance impacts the hair follicles, which receive the proteins and oxygen from the thyroid.

Possible Solutions

A permanent solution would be to reach out to a doctor to manage the thyroid condition directly. This will help manage hair loss in the long term. There is a wide range of solutions aimed at managing your thyroid disease.

However, you may want more short term solutions that will keep more hair on your head. This is also something that you should speak to your doctor. At your appointment, speak to your doctor about all the possible options that may be available to you. These options may include medications, shampoos, ointments, or even hair caps designed to encourage your hair to grow.

Lastly, you may want to try out more immediate solutions, like Hairline Ink located in San Antonio, Texas. At Hairline Ink, the technician will apply pigments to your scalp to fill in the hairline and make it seem like you never suffered from hair loss at all!

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