Seattle’s Dog Bite Laws: When Can You Sue The Dog Owner?

If you have been injured by a dog, it can be difficult to know your legal rights. There is a lot of confusion and misinformation about when you can sue the dog owner in Seattle. This post will discuss some of the basic laws that govern this issue so that you know when you should consult with an injury attorney.

Dog Bite Laws In Seattle:

It goes without saying that if you were seriously injured by a dog bite, then talking to an injury lawyer would be your best option. It will help you get compensation for medical bills or other damages suffered due to the accident.

The Caffee Law Firm has successfully handled many cases involving injuries caused by dogs biting people across Western Washington. There are a few basic laws about dog bites that you should know before contacting an injury lawyer.

The first law is the “one bite rule,” which states that if someone has been bitten only once by a specific dog, they cannot sue the animal owner for damages incurred from this one incident.

If you have been bitten more than once, then it is possible that the “one bite rule” does not apply to your case, and experts at The Caffee Law Firm would be happy to review your legal rights with you and provide a free consultation.

Secondly, in Washington, if you are bitten by a dog that is not on private property (for example, if it is roving around an apartment complex), this will be considered trespassing. In this scenario, you may have grounds to sue for damages. This part of the law applies only when roaming animals are at large.

If you are bitten by a dog on private property, then this will be considered trespassing, and the owner may have grounds to sue for damages. This part of the law applies only when roaming animals are at large.

The third important point is that if you were not invited onto someone’s private property, this incident will not be considered trespassing. So, an ideal way to save yourself from any confusion and deal with dog bites related cases is to call an expert attorney and seek their guidance. To learn more, click here.

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