Premises Liability – It’s No Longer Just For Landlords

In jurisdictions where the condition of the property and the acts of the owner and visitor are considered, a uniform standard of care is applied to both invitees and licensees. Except for trespassers, this universal standard requires all visitors to take appropriate precautions to ensure their safety. Evaluating various criteria is necessary to determine if an owner’s standard of reasonableness toward licensees has been reached.

Property Trespassers:

If the owner knows that trespassers are likely to enter the property, they may be required to offer an appropriate warning to avert harm. Only artificial conditions that the owner has established or maintained and knows are likely to cause significant damage or death are subject to this obligation.

Property With Children:

The landowner’s obligation to warn differs for youngsters who aren’t permitted to be on the property.

When There Is Fault On Both Sides:

One of the most often alleged limitations on a property owner or possessor’s responsibility is that it partially blamed the injured person for what transpired. A visitor must take reasonable care to safeguard their safety in most instances. When such care isn’t handled correctly, the plaintiff’s recovery may be limited or diminished due to their carelessness.

In personal injury disputes, most jurisdictions use a “comparative fault” system, which means that an injured person’s legal damages are lowered by the percentage of their responsibility in the occurrence.

Landlords Have Their Own Set Of Rules:

In property lessors, sometimes known as landlords, special responsibility laws may apply. According to the general rule, a landlord is not accountable to a tenant or anybody else for bodily injury caused by a condition on the property. This general rule is based partly on the landlord’s alleged loss of control over the property once leased, but it has several key exceptions.

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