Most Common Types of Workplace Accidents in Workers’ Comp Claims

Workers’ compensation payouts are available for a variety of occupational incidents that result in injury. You may be eligible to collect benefits such as medical costs and lost income if you have been injured or sickened at work.

Accidents Involving Slip And Fall:

Employers work hard to prevent slip and fall incidents by enforcing safety standards and requiring employees to wear non-slip footwear or other protective gear.

Even yet, workplace slips and falls do happen. A quarter of all occupational injuries are caused by slips and falls. Falls that occur on the same level or on a lower level are examples of this. Wet or greasy floors, loose matting, and uneven flooring might cause workers to slip.

Object Falling:

Many occupations across a wide range of industries are experiencing a decrease in risk. Employees may be hurt by falling objects if an item falls off the shelf or if materials are dumped from greater heights on a building site. This sort of collision can result in catastrophic or fatal injuries.

Explosions And Fires:

Workplace fires and explosions can occur without warning and are frequently caused by risk factors such as incorrectly stored combustibles, faulty gas lines, inadequate pipe fittings, and open flames. Three percent of all occupational injuries are caused by fires and explosions. They also have the most incredible fatality rate among the many forms of industrial accidents.

Machinery Mishaps:

Accidents involving machinery may be devastating. In several of these cases, an employee gets crushed or pinched by a piece of machinery. Workers should be adequately taught about heavy machinery before utilizing it because of the hazards connected with it. Equipment should be nicely maintained to avoid machinery mishaps.


You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills and lost wages as a consequence of an injury at the job. You can consult with workers’ compensation attorneys to determine your legal options. Request a free, no-obligation consultation with an attorney who will not charge any upfront costs and will only collect money if you win your case. For more information, click here.

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