In Milwaukee, How Long Does A Dui Stay On Your Record

A DUI conviction in Milwaukee is, without a doubt, a severe violation. It can change not just your immediate destiny but also your long-term rights and freedoms. A DUI might not seem as terrible as a violent or drug-related crime. On the other hand, any criminal charge or conviction that results in a criminal record may have long-term ramifications for you.

A criminal conviction might follow you for the remainder of your life. This means that if a future employer, landlord, or other institution does a background check on you, you may expose your conviction. They may limit your freedom and financial potential if you have a criminal record. In the case of a divorce, it may influence child custody arrangements.

What Is The Duration Of A Dui Conviction On Your Criminal Record?

Unless you make efforts to get it deleted, a DUI will remain on your criminal record for the rest of your life. It may be possible to have your conviction expunged from your catalog. Of course, having your charges dismissed or acquitted of the alleged offense is the most straightforward approach to ensure that your criminal record is clear. This necessitates a solid defense, which is likewise covered in more depth. 

FORTUNATELY, a DUI charge does not remain on your driving record indefinitely. The second good news is that most background checks do not reveal a DUI conviction on your driving record. This means that if you successfully have your conviction sealed or wiped, prospective employers or landlords will be unable to view your driving record and use it against you.

DUIs are frequently unintentional. Unfortunately, most individuals feel that if they drink one or two beers, they will be under the legal limit of 0.08 and can drive legally. As you can see from the possible severe effects, this is a risky error to make. You have a possibility of avoiding a conviction if you choose an experienced DUI attorney like Hardt Powell, S.C, who is conversant with the legal system. These attorneys have successfully defended clients facing harsh DUI accusations.

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